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"What's Coming" Literary Zine


  • Image of "What's Coming" Literary Zine
  • Image of "What's Coming" Literary Zine
  • Image of "What's Coming" Literary Zine

"What's Coming" is a dark tale about family, betrayal, and retail hell set in the San Fernando Valley.

I studied Creative Writing at CSUN and wrote this piece as an undergrad, but like all my written work, it stayed hidden away. Growing up sheltered and deprived, making up stories was my escape. Writing fiction became a comforting, cathartic, and highly personal part of my life. Consequently, the thought of publishing my stories filled me with anxiety and dread. So after college I ended up working as a non-fiction writer and editor, and then eventually focused more on my visual art.

Now, more than a decade later, I’ve since changed careers (I’m an illustrator and graphic designer these days) and have built confidence through sharing my visual work. So the thought of sharing my fiction isn’t so scary anymore.

I hope you enjoy my first publication, "What's Coming," illustrated by Denver-based artist Sarah Gilstrap.

Please note that this story contains adult themes and isn't suitable for kids.

"What's Coming"
Story by Alisa Damaso
Illustrations by Sarah Gilstrap

28 pages | Full color
8.5" x 5.5"
Printed in Berkeley, CA
©2018 Alisa Damaso
Art ©2018 Sarah Gilstrap

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