The San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County gets a bad rep thanks to 80s pop culture, so in 2016 I started VLY GRL to smash the bimbo Valley Girl stereotype. Proudly homegrown in the SFV, I can tell you first-hand that women from the Valley are down-to-earth, scrappy, and fierce! VLY GRL is a love letter to the San Fernando Valley, and makes rad accessories and apparel for Valley Girls to represent their hood on their own terms. 

Locals know that the SFV is unpretentious and unapolagetic. Our stories are unique, multidimensional, and far more profound than 80s pop culture has portrayed. Sharing our diverse lived experiences through creative self-expression brings us together and lets the world know that we’re more than just an outdated cliché. 

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Alisa Damaso, Designer & Illustrator
Creator of VLY GRL

Alisa, founder of VLY GRL, stands behind a vending table at a storefront. Various VLY GRL merchandise and zines sit on the table while Alisa, wearing a jean vest with patches on it, is smiling while making peace signs with her hands.
Alisa vending at the Downtown Long Beach Art Walk, April 2024