SJW Button Pack


  • Image of SJW Button Pack
  • Image of SJW Button Pack

Set of three 1.5" buttons:
-- Pussy Grabs Back
-- Smash Fascism
-- Unite

Proceeds from this button pack will be donated to Stop AAPI Hate, which was created to capture the rise of hate incidents in Asian communities. Stop AAPI Hate explores the multi-faceted solutions needed to overcome racism, including community investments in civil rights infrastructure, culturally competent resources for affected individuals, and public education.

The Asian-American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) community has been under attack, especially after Trump called COVID-19 the "China virus." Asian-American elders and women are being violently attacked and even murdered. Unfortunately, anti-Asian rhetoric and violence in the U.S. is not new. To learn more, visit

Image of SFV Button Pack
SFV Button Pack
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Daughter of Immigrants Button
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